Veterans and Military Families Share What Their Lives Are Really Like

It's one of those things so easy to not think about: the military personnel who risk their lives to protect and defend America—and what life is really like for them and the families that support them.

It's easy to not think about because we don't have a draft, meaning many of us no longer have an active service member or recent veteran in our family. It can seem far removed from our everyday life.

What is it like to be the wife of a navy officer getting ready for deployment again? To grow up as a military brat, adjusting to life in a new town and new school again and again? To support your teen as they decide to join the service in a time of war?

To mark Military Spouse Awareness month and, of course, Memorial Day, Spring.Stcelebrates not only those who serve, but those who support our service members, day in and day out. We want to help bridge the gap between military families, and those of us who simply cannot understand what a life in service is like.

Our special series, called In Service, aims to shine a light on these dedicated and brave military families and try in our own small way to describe what a life in service is like.

And to all those who serve and have served, thank you.


These Are the 27 Smartest Women on Earth

What does it mean to be a smart woman? At Spring.St, we believe the answer is much more than just knowing the answers to your kid's math homework.

It's about putting our smarts to work in savvy, strong and strategic ways—with a touch of sass as well.

In an era that generates a nearly permanent sense of outrage, no matter which side of the aisle you're on, the need for smart women to lead change has never been greater. That's why we've created Spring.St: to be a haven for smart content about smart women—women who are resilient, confident, empathetic and, most definitely, funny.

Women are the leaders of making change in the world today, which is why we're launching our site by highlighting 27 amazing women (and teams of women) who are changing the conversation around the world, whether in art, science, government, business or sports.

To us, these 27 Smartest Women on Earth set the bar for what women can do, and we are honored to introduce them all to you. But we know for certain that this list is only the beginning.


How to Get Back to Work, From Women Who've Done It

Work. It's something we all do, either because we have to, because we want to—or for most of us, because we have to and we want to.

Sometimes though, life gets in the way of work and for whatever reason—babies, injury, unexpected unemployment, study, whatever—you find yourself trying to re-enter the workforce after a break and it's hard.

Coming back to work after an extended break is far more common among women. That's why Spring.St has decided it's time to talk honestly about it. The ups and downs, the challenges and the stuff we wish we'd known before it happened to us.