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Our strength includes creating surveys, research reports and content that explores
the intersection of gender and career.

Breadwinning Moms

More than a quarter of all partnered working moms outearn their spouses. That’s the finding of our new Working Mother Research Institute survey, which shows how women’s new earning power can sometimes clash with our old expectations about career, family and the roles we play.

Women and MS

Our Working Mother Research Institute survey shows that most women cope with the impact of MS daily. Eight in 10 women surveyed say they’re currently experiencing symptoms or have in the past three months. Our data reveal how tough it is to juggle a career, family and MS.

How Men flex

To better understand how men are navigating the flexible work and home terrain, we surveyed 2,000 men and women about the impact of flex. The majority surveyed have flexible schedules, 79 percent feel comfortable using flex, and 62 percent say their employers can and do support flex. 


On the 30th anniversary of the Working Mother 100 Best Companies initiative, employed moms are no longer a novelty—70% of women with kids under 18 have jobs. How do these moms feel about their careers, families and selves? The Working Mother Research Institute surveyed women to find out.

Multicultural Women at Work

To better understand the experience and motivations of women of color in the workplace, the Working Mother Research Institute surveyed 1,746 employed collegeeducated women, including more than 1,370 women of color, about the impact of race on their careers. 

Disabilities in the Workplace

Whether it’s difficulty seeing or hearing, a struggle with chronic anxiety or depression, limitations in learning, or difficulty with social behavior, disability is part of millions of Americans’ lives. It crosses all age, income, religious, ethnic, racial and cultural lines. Today, one-in-five will experience some form of disability in their lifetime.