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7 Successful People Dish on Their Worst Job Interviews (and What They Learned)

Pretty much everybody who’s ever held down a job has at least one bad interview story. For me, it’s showing up soaking wet in the middle of a downpour for an interview at a major publishing company.

Are Millennial Moms Staying At Home More Than Gen X Moms? Their Numbers Are On The Rise

The number of millennials who are also moms is rising every year. And as the generation that grew up during the age of the internet and the explosion of such technology advancements as the iPad and countless apps to entertain kids, it's not exactly a surprise if moms from this demographic do parenting a little differently than mothers from earlier generations. 

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Can We Have It All?
Interview with Working Mother’s Jennifer Owens

When it comes to what working parents, specifically mothers, face on a day-to-day basis, Jennifer Owens is in the know. As a working mother herself, and as the editorial director of Working Mother Media and the founding director of the Working Mother Research Institute, Jennifer has been at the forefront of working mother issues for years.

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On Work and Life, Stew Friedman spoke with Jennifer Owens, Editorial Director of Working Mother magazine and Director of the Working Mother Research Institute, about new findings on working fathers and their need for flex at work.

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What/Why Parents Need to Know About Work Flexibility

Work flexibility is a must-have for working parents. But what kinds of work flexibility are most helpful? Can flexibility be a substitute for childcare? How can both moms and dads benefit from work flex?

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Coffee Break with Jennifer Owens

In our final episode of the season, Jennifer Owens, Editor of Spring.St, shares her insight into launching an online publication in a new market. Jennifer discusses how she made the jump from jobs in traditional media to a startup media company, and opens up about setting boundaries at work. As the founding director of the Working Mother Research Institute, Jennifer brings a unique perspective to the conversation around work-life balance, and she shares smart tips for creating a company culture that encourages great work and respects flexibility and family time.


Back to school shopping's new twist: Retail apps with discounts

The back-to-school shopping season is on, and this year, families will be spending more than ever.

According to the National Retail Federation K-12 and college spending will reach $75.8 billion dollars, up from last year's $68 billion. According to the NRF, it's the second biggest consumer spending season for retailers after the winter holidays.

Although families may be less worried about the economy than in the past, they are still looking for bargains. Jennifer Owens, editorial director of Working Mother told CNBC's "On the Money" in an interview about several mobile apps to discover discounts.